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[TOP 10 Richest Men In The World]2021 Xi’an Top List Summer Release

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  Sunshine (Reporter Liang Meng) June 10th,2021 “Xi’an Future Star TOP100” and “Dragon Gate List TOP20” list officially announced.

  ”Xi’an TOP List” selection has been held continuously 4th,Each selection invited nearly 100 investors to form a judge.In the jury, there is a well-known institution in the first line of deep venture capital, Da Chen venture capital, the country capital, Fengnian capital, and Qingkai,There are also investors from the local quality investment institutions from Shaanxi Jin, Xigou, Tangxing Capital, Zhongke Chuangxing.They have passed the online evaluation, the project visits,Expert review will be strictly filtered.Finally produced a list.The entire selection process serves to select the company’s efficient docking capital and resources.

  As of 2020,A total of 5058 Xi’an companies have entered the investor sight by reference.From the industry distribution,The industry focuses on the industry to focus on electronic information manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials new energy, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, 5G, additive manufacturing, robot, big data and cloud computing industries.And software and information services, etc.They are all key industries mentioned in the “6 + 5 + 6 + 1” Target of Xi’an “6 + 5 + 6 + 1”. “Xi’an TOP List” selection activities,Not only introduces more capital “source live water” not only to the development of Xi’an entity enterprises.More potential companies will also enable more potential companies to achieve “fish jumping gates” with capital forces.

  2021 “Xi’an Future Star TOP100”

  The list focuses on the high growth, entrepreneurial mode, investment value,High-quality enterprises designed to have a batch of good prospects, high scientific and technological content, high development potential, as a “shark seedlings”, focus, focus,Stimulate market vitality and social creativity.





  Figure / 2021 Xi’an Future Star TOP100

  This year, there are many excellent companies.Let the financing data and the back of VC / PE.

  1. Multi-wheel continuous financing.May this year,Mobile robot supplier You Ai Zhizhi won a new round of financing,The amount of financing is nearly 100 million yuan,By Softbank Asia,SIG, Lantai venture capital and other old shareholders.It is worth mentioning that,This round of financing is less than 5 months from it.It is accomplished by Lan Chi.In addition,The patriarchable technology of the decent block chain industry has also completed 2 rounds of financing in the first half of this year.

  2. The financing is 100 million.May this year,Innovative drug research and development company McCopet announced the completion of 3.600 million yuan B round financing,This round of financing In addition to the old shareholders, the Northern Light venture has continued to add investment.There is a blessing of new shareholders such as Newier Capital.Last year, I found a summit,High Speed Power Integration Technology Design Company Yicai Micro Completed B Wheel 100 Financing,Invest in agencies such as Everbright Holdings.

  3. The VC / PE gradually headed.By combing discovery,上榜企业背后站着 红杉资本、 高瓴资本、 IDG资本、深创投、达晨财智、 君联资本、经纬创投、 金沙江创投、北极光创投、 真格基金等一批Domestic top investment institutions.

  4. Local institutions fill.Earlier this year,Tangxing capital exclusive investment knows the micro sensing.Before thisKnowing the micro-sensing has been financing 3 rounds.The investors include investment institutions such as Nations, Yingfeng Capital.There are also local institutions evergreen capital.This year, the Global Investment Summit has investment “2021 Xi’an Future Star” top1 – four-leaf safety,This company has been investing in ant Golden Parts in 2019.

  More and more Xi’an companies have gained capital,According to private equity is incomplete statistics,2018 – 2020, There are more than 2,90 companies in Xi’an who have received equity investment.The total financing has exceeded 18 billion yuan.

  2021 “Dragon Gate List TO20”

  The list is the cluster of Xi’an listed enterprises in the future.It is designed to further improve gradient cultivation.Targeted differentiated service,Help the company’s listed road.

  Since the list,Western superconducting, Rongxin Education, Pai Rui Shares, Kangui Medical, Easy To President, Kay Li New Materials, Easy To Pen, Kay Li Xin Ma, Easy To PersonIncludes that have passed the new three board selection of corporates).Xi’an’s “unicorn” “invisible champion” is gradually going to the national capital market.



  Figure / 2021 “Dragon Gate List TO20”


  This year, “Dragon Gate List TO20”,16 companies have been promoted from the “Xi’an Future Star Top100” in the past year.Such as Lete Optoelectronics, Bo Rui Call, Qi-core Photoelectric, Core Electronics, New Tong Pharmacy, etc.These companies are promoted,Not only shows the high growth of the “Future Star”,High-quality ammunition is also supplemented to the Xi’an listed backup library.

  In recent years,Xi’an City is listed in the city,Not only has introduced a series of policy measures, butAlso enhance the level of listed service,He has established a mechanism such as “Listening Service Consultant System” “Trade Expansion”.”Longmen List” is accurately locked by the listed army,Under the blessing of policies, accelerate the listing process.

  ”Longmen Action” plans to implement it,Xi’an added 20 domestic and foreign listed companies,The new number is much more than the top eight years.It is worth mentioning that,Only last year,The number of listed and selection of layers in Xi’an is 10,Set the highest records of history.In the capital market,The debut speed of “Xi’an Legion” is gradually accelerated.

  ”Xi’an TOP List” not only allows venture capital to fully feel the “West” gravity of Xi’an innovation enterprises,It also boosts more Xi’an enterprises to log in to “Kechuang” and other multi-level capital markets.